Contextual Query language. A language for representing queries.
WMS request that returns a capabilities document, a list of all layers and functions supported by the WMS server. GeoExplorer reads the capabilities document of a server in order to determine the available layers.
WMS request that returns a list of attributes and values for the data at a given location.
WMS request that returns a graphic rendered in the style of a given layer.
A JavaScript toolkit for creating rich web mapping applications. GeoExt is built using OpenLayers and ExtJS. Learn more at
A repository for high level application components useful for assembling applications for viewing, editing, styling, and configuring data with GeoServer. GeoExplorer is built with GXP and GXP components are built with GeoExt.
The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) is a standards organization that produces, among other things, specifications for geospatial services.
The Styled Layer Descriptor (SLD) specification from the OGC is an XML-based standard for the symbolization and coloring (display) of geographic features through WMS. SLD is the style language used by GeoServer.
The Web Map Service (WMS) specification from the OGC defines an interface for requesting rendered map images across the web. WMS can refer either to the protocol itself or a server that understands that protocol.
The Web Map Service - Caching (WMS-C) proposal is a WMS optimized for the delivery of saved/cached images.
The Web Feature Service - Transactional (WFS-T) is an OGC standard that describes a method for the editing of geographic features.