Save map

With GeoExplorer you can save the current map configuration. This configuration will include the list of layers, with visibility and ordering settings preserved, and the current Map Window extent. These configurations are saved in the form of a URL, which may be bookmarked.


GeoServer authentication is required to save map configurations. For more information, please refer to the Login section.

To save the current map configuration, click Map on the GeoExplorer toolbar and click Save map.


Save map tool

A pop-up window will display with a URL. Save or bookmark this URL to reload the current GeoExplorer configuration at a later time.


Save map URL

Configuration files

GeoExplorer saves map configurations in a SQLite file called geoexplorer.db. Although it is not possible to edit configurations in GeoExplorer, they can be viewed and edited using a SQLite client.


To embed a map in a web page, use the Publish map tool.