A GeoTIFF is a georeferenced TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) file.

Adding a GeoTIFF data store

By default, GeoTIFF will be an option in the Raster Data Sources list when creating a new data store.


GeoTIFF in the list of raster data stores

Configuring a GeoTIFF data store


Configuring a GeoTIFF data store

Option Description
Workspace Name of the workspace to contain the GeoTIFF store. This will also be the prefix of the raster layer created from the store.
Data Source Name Name of the GeoTIFF as it will be known to GeoServer. This can be different from the filename. The combination of the workspace name and this name will be the full layer name (ex: world:landbase)
Description A full free-form description of the GeoTIFF store.
Enabled If checked, it enables the store. If unchecked (disabled), no data in the GeoTIFF will be served from GeoServer.
URL Location of the GeoTIFF file. This can be an absolute path (such as file:C:\Data\landbase.tif) or a path relative to GeoServer’s data directory (such as file:data/landbase.tif).