The ImageMosaic data store allows the creation of a mosaic from a number of georeferenced rasters. The plugin can be used with GeoTIFFs, as well as rasters accompanied by a world file (.pgw for PNG files, .jgw for JPG files, etc.).

The “Mosaic” operation creates a mosaic of two or more source images. This operation could be used for example to assemble a set of overlapping geospatially rectified images into a contiguous image. It could also be used to create a montage of photographs such as a panorama.

The best current source of information on configuring an ImageMosiac is the tutorial: Using the ImageMosaic plugin.

Adding an ImageMosaic data store

By default, ImageMosaic will be an option in the Raster Data Sources list when creating a new data store.


ImageMosaic in the list of raster data stores

Configuring an ImageMosaic data store


Configuring an ImageMosaic data store

Option Description
Data Source Name