OpenGeo Suite extensions

OpenGeo Suite comes with a number of optional extensions or “add-ons”. These add functionality to OpenGeo Suite, but may not be needed by most users. We recommend that you choose only the extensions that you need.

These optional components can be selected in different ways depending on your operating system:

For users of OpenGeo Suite for Application Servers, please contact Boundless to receive access to the extensions and information on how to install them.


The CSW extension adds the ability for GeoServer to publish information conforming to the Catalog Service for Web (CSW) protocol.

For more information about CSW in GeoServer, please see the GeoServer CSW documentation.


The installation instructions in the GeoServer documentation do not apply to users of OpenGeo Suite. Users of OpenGeo Suite can install the extension in the standard way as indicated above.


The GeoPackage extension adds the ability for GeoServer to publish data from GeoPackage sources (a data format based on SQLite). Once this extension is added, GeoServer will show GeoPackage as one of its available data sources when adding a new store.


The WPS extension adds the ability for GeoServer to support and publish the Web Processing Service (WPS). WPS is a protocol for hosting and executing geospatial processes, bringing geospatial analysis to the client/server model.

For more information on WPS in OpenGeo Suite, please see the Spatial processing and analysis section.