What is OpenGeo Suite?ΒΆ

OpenGeo Suite is a complete web-based geospatial software stack. The applications contained are:

  • PostGIS - A spatially enabled object-relational database.
  • GeoServer - A software server for loading and sharing geospatial data.
  • GeoWebCache - A tile cache server that accelerates the serving of maps (built into GeoServer).
  • GeoExplorer - A web application for composing, styling, and publishing maps.
  • QGIS - A complete desktop application for working with geospatial data and maps.

Also included is the Boundless SDK, which allows you to create web map applications using code from the following libraries:

  • GeoExt - JavaScript framework for rich desktop-looking web applications
  • OpenLayers - JavaScript library for viewing and interacting with geospatial data in the browser

Finally, for OpenGeo Suite Enterprise only:

  • Composer - Web-based map configuration and styling utility