Adding a Styler plugin

The Styler plugin makes it possible to edit layer styles. This uses the REST config module of OpenGeo Suite’s GeoServer.


By default the Styler plugin will only work with the GeoServer of the same OpenGeo Suite instance where your app is deployed.

In the API documentation, find the gxp.plugins.Styler tool. This provides the functionality for editing layer styles. The ptype for gxp.plugins.Styler is gxp_styler.

First, we need to prepare the build profile. Open app.js and add plugins/Styler.js to the list of dependencies at the top of the file.

* @require plugins/Styler.js

Search for the tools section, and add the Styler plugin:

    ptype: "gxp_styler"

Restart the application and reload the browser:


There will now be a new button which will show a powerful and feature-rich Styles dialog. When selecting a layer, the Edit Styles button will be enabled. You may also be prompted for a username and password to authenticate against the GeoServer host that serves the selected layer.

Improving Color Selection

The color field provided for editing colors is very basic. Users can enter color names or rgb color codes in hexadecimal notation (e.g. #FFFFFF for white). However, by adding another dependency in app.js, users get a basic color picker for selecting colors from a palette.

* @require ColorManager.js

When done, restart the application and reload the browser. It should now be possible to edit color in a styling rule with a nice color picker: