What’s new in 4.5

Each new version of OpenGeo Suite includes numerous fixes and component upgrades.

In addition, OpenGeo Suite 4.5 has been updated with all-new features, including:

OpenLayers 3

The latest version of OpenLayers 3 is included, offering new visualization options for modern browsers including integration with Cesium for visualizing data on the globe.

If you are new to OpenLayers 3 be sure to check out the Boundless SDK, which has web application templates that utilize OpenLayers 3.

Java 7

Java 7 is now required for OpenGeo Suite on all platforms. OpenGeo Suite is tested with both Oracle JRE and OpenJDK.

GeoServer 2.6

The latest branch of GeoServer, version 2.6, is included. This contains the following improvements.

  • New graphic options including “windbarbs” and custom WKT graphics
  • Oracle SDO users can now enjoy support for curves
  • Coverage views to dynamically recombine bands into a multi-band coverage
  • Can now define an image mosaic “no data” area using a vector footprint
  • All new implementation of cascading (external) WFS data store
  • WFS Transactions (WFS-T, for read-write actions) now turned off by default for improved security.
  • CSS styles may now be managed in the GeoServer admin interface like any other style